your best parther inTWO WAY RADIO

HS35 is an intelligent hearing protector and two way radio headsets. It provides the best audio quality than ever under the noisy environment. When you are in Noisy surroundings such as a muzzle blast strikes, the microphone in the ear cup not just shut off the audio but automatically adjust sound level to safety level to protect the ear.

H-650 series is JCK's newest IP68-rated Heav-duty remote speaker microphone(RSM) for professional users in extreme environments standard audio jack, it supports a wide range of accessories, like throat microphone, skull microphone or other headset Noise-cancelling microphone, DSP audio technology. It also features a large tactical Push To Taik button in front for users with emergency button and volume control. There are different versions to meet different applications and missions.

Adjustable earpiece design makes it suitable for all kinds of ear. Waterproof rating is IP54 which can eliminate the harmful effects of splashing water from different directions. Swivel earpiece design makes it more convenient to use. High quality earpiece provides clear audio and private communication.

Light weight over the head headset features high-quality boom microphone for fantastic audio output & high-quality speaker. Padded headband keeps the headset in place & provides comfortable wearing all day long. This headset is perfect for service applications such as call centers. 

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