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The newly designed PT29 series PTT by JCK not only adheres to ergonomic principles but also incorporates a host of enhanced features. Despite its uniform exterior, the PT29 boasts diverse functional design elements, making it a versatile choice for users seeking superior performance and comfort.

HS16 is a high-performance headset microphone by JCK designed for professional users. It offers excellent audio clarity and durability, suitable for various environments, including firefighting, emergency services, and security applications.

When it comes to professional communication equipment, the H-650 is indispensable. It combines durability and flexibility, providing users with an unparalleled communication experience. The H-650 boasts excellent audio performance and reliable functionality, making it suitable for various environments and industry applications. In any industry, the H-650 is a rugged and durable communication solution.

Light weight over the head headset features high-quality boom microphone for fantastic audio output & high-quality speaker. Padded headband keeps the headset in place & provides comfortable wearing all day long. This headset is perfect for service applications such as call centers. 

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